Top 10 The Most Dangerous Animals

1 Each individual Bipedalism and big, complicated brains are hallmarks of the most numerous and pervasive primate species, Homo sapiens. Because of this, sophisticated culture, language, and tools have emerged. From extended families and family networks to nation-states, humans are social creatures that thrive in intricate social systems with numerous competing and cooperating groups. Values, […]

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Top 10 Good-Spirited Creators Who Were Actually

10 The Brothers Hansen Two things Hans Christian Andersen recorded: tales for children and the frequency with which he masturbated. Fortunately, they did not intersect. “The Little Mermaid” and “The Snow Queen” creator Hans Christian Andersen maintained his innocence throughout his career. Beyond that, he struggled to control his sexual desires. In an effort to […]

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Top 25 Greatest Churches in the World

Notwithstanding one’s religious affiliation, it is difficult to dispute the existence of some truly remarkable instances of church design. Many churches, particularly those of the Catholic faith, subscribe to the idea that “the bigger, the better.” Which are the biggest churches globally, then? What additional interesting details about them are there? Stay tuned as we […]

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