Top 25 Moments Kids Made Parents Cringe with Their Words

A man died in his bedroom closet, a youngster told his mother. She dismissed it as the product of her son’s active imagination. She eventually discovered, though, that he was right and that her kid had been conversing with the man in the closet. A kindergarten student informed his teachers that an unfamiliar stranger was attempting to get him outdoors. However, when reviewing the security footage, they discovered that no one was present.
We delve into children’s stories in this list that will make your spine tingle.

These are the top 25 most spooky things children have ever said to their parents!

25. Former Lives

Some people think that kids serve as a link to a world we no longer exist in. Could they, however, truly reach the afterlife? According to Jacqui Lampo, a woman. She remembers a story her mother used to tell her. Jacqui’s mother shared some old family pictures with her when she was still a toddler. Her own sister was one among those.
Jacqui told her mother that “Aunt Diane” was the person who “took care of me before I got here” as soon as she recognized the face. The fact that Diane had passed away several months before Jacqui was born was horrifying. How was she aware of this?

24. Foresight

A child’s encounter with death may result in a lifelong psychological scar. However, Louros from New York never really recovered from the words her young daughter had said one day. The girl lost her balance while descending a set of stairs and almost crashed into a glass table. She ran to her mother in a panic, seeking solace from her.
She saw “the man from church with the long beard,” the child claimed, and he was pushing her to “go somewhere.” She was fortunately informed that she was “too young” to cross over. However, it was a lot closer call with death than any parent would want.

23. Capturing the Devil

One unusual meeting could be the exception. When two distinct generations notice the same problem, though, it may indicate a deeper issue at play. Keith Larkin claims that when he was a child, “the devil” appeared to him on the ceiling of his bedroom. But back then, nobody had taken him seriously.
His suspicions were validated only years later when he told his wife and daughter. The identical figure was witnessed by Keith’s daughter.

22. Red-Eyed Blue

What their daughter had told them had haunted Amy Vitolo and her husband ever since. Their three-year-old daughter started talking about a boy-shaped figure that appeared to be invisible to everyone else out of the blue. She froze with horror every time it emerged.
Amy never forgot what her daughter said about the child being “blue with red eyes” when she asked her mother Amy one day for a description of it. If you think those lines stand out, wait until we get to number 17, when things get really scary instead of merely eerie.

21. Mano and Cowboy

Halina Grant believed she had moved into the ideal home for her little family. She was unsure after hearing what her daughter had to say. The young child was adamant that she felt something moving her body. These ghosts were supposedly “Cowboy and Mano,” former residents of the mansion.
Halina subsequently discovered that the property was a part of Old Hollywood’s history, dating to the 1930s, a time when cowboys were a common sight.

20. Fearful of the Dark

Feelings uncomfortable can arise in the dark. A couple anticipated a restful evening when they went to a friend’s place for a bonfire. The youngster of their buddy suddenly let forth a scream. He had noticed a shadowy figure in a “dark corner of the house” observing him. The youngster described it as a tall, eyeless figure with “large claws” and “more teeth than a shark.” Confused, everyone searched everywhere, but they saw nothing.

19. OTIE

When a parent receives a call from their child’s school, a plethora of ideas cross their minds. The Kindergarten teacher of a Reddit member going by the handle “Opud” called her son and broke some disturbing news that she will never forget. Even during recess, the youngster reportedly refused to go outside, according to the post. He beckoned him outside and said there was a man named Otie when asked why.
School officials looked through CCTV footage, taking the report seriously, but they were unable to identify the man. But that wasn’t all. The toddler had exhibited a similar demeanor at home, standing in the doorway and not moving. In a comment on the thread, another Reddit member provided a link to the criminal case of Ottis Toole, a convicted serial murderer who killed and abducted at least one child in the 1980s.

18. Die, die, die

Some words are just too frightening for a toddler to say. A parent has said that their early child went through a time where they would say “hi” to everyone and everything they encountered.
It appeared to be innocuous. However, there was a moment when it sounded more like their kid was saying “die.” When questioned about it, the youngster gave the parent a direct look and slowly murmured the word “die.”

17. I Perished, But I’m Here Now

We would stop at nothing to keep our kids safe. However, what if anything occurred before to their birth? A young couple used the opportunity to teach their two-year-old the value of personal cleanliness and hygiene products while they were bathing her.

The young child appeared to be shockingly familiar with these body parts. She revealed to her parents that there was once an attempt to “scroof” her there, going so far as to smash through a door to get at her. The girl went on, perhaps attempting to reassure her parents as they exchanged astonished looks, stating, “I fought back.” I’m here, but I died.

16. My name is Rick.

The following story was posted by a user named “seethella” on Reddit, where they described their unsettling encounter with their kid Carson. Carson had a few issues that needed to be addressed. He would make weird noises and crawl around, scuffing his forehead on the ground.

He cried out that there was a monster in the basement as he hurried to wake his parents one night. The father descended the stairs and was glad to discover nothing. Subsequently, Carson covered himself with covers and remained in bed. The youngster told his father, “Carson is gone, I am Rick,” as he turned to face disclose his demeanor was impassive.

15. An Inverted Companion

After a strange encounter, Kelly, a mother, learned about her kid’s new acquaintance, “Upside Down,” from their daughter. The child claimed that this companion had two faces, one that was facing up and the other that was facing down, and that it could only be found in the rain.

Was that all in the mind’s eye? Or perhaps something different? Stay for a story about reincarnation at number 10 if you’re looking for evidence of the afterlife.

14. I’m missing it.

Children are so active that they are enthusiastic about nearly any sport. Golf is one pastime you wouldn’t typically associate with kids. They were therefore taken aback when Jenny’s child suggested they go for a round of golf. When the youngster had found a misplaced ball in the forest, he asked his mother, “This weekend, can we go golfing? I long for it.

13. Grandma Is Sentenced To Death

A young boy spoke to his grandmother in a disturbing way while she was holding her hands tightly and staring directly into her eyes. She would “die soon,” he informed her, adding that she was “very old.” The child then made a motion toward the clock to emphasize his point. Is that unsettling? or simply brutally truthful?

12. An Unsettling New Companion

It is definitely not what parents would anticipate to meet their child’s new “friend” at midnight. Their 5-year-old son’s reaction when they discovered he wasn’t sleeping was puzzling. He clarified that a woman was grinning and staring at him from the doorway.

11. Irvin and Mona

Have you ever experienced a sense of being watched over in your home? What about all the things that must have happened there and all the prior occupants?
Charmaine had to confront that link to the past when she moved in with her kids at her daughter’s residence. Everything was going great until the woman’s 3-year-old grandson said something completely unexpected one day. Grasping Charmaine’s necklace, he informed her that a woman by the name of “Mona” had worn one quite similar. He was referring to the “Mona” who had constructed the home years ago in a lovely setting above a lovely lake. However, things became stranger still. The same child responded in kind to an antique photo box discovered in the property shortly after making his remark about the necklace. He asserted that he knew one of the males and mentioned how he frequently swung from a tree into the lake. Years had passed since that man’s death.

10. Rebirth

It’s not easy to understand the concept of reincarnation. But hold on, because you might just have your opinion changed by the next tale. Carla and her husband experienced conflicting feelings when they welcomed their first daughter into the world. Their cherished dog Oscar lost unexpectedly at the conclusion of the pregnancy.
He was now ten years old, but they still hoped he would survive to see their kids. But after a few years, their young child pointed to a photo of their dog and asked, quite frankly, “Is that Oscar?” She waited for confirmation for a while before saying to Carla, “You know I was Oscar last time?”

9. The closet man

Following their move to a new home, a small youngster started telling his mother Robin about something horrifying. She would occasionally even hear her kid conversing with this person in the closet from another room. The boy revealed that a man had once lived—and even passed away—in his bedroom closet.
However, she was alone every time she opened the door. Robin told him he was mistaken. The woman who had occupied the space before was a widow. That was her initial thought, however. Until an old neighbor informed her one day when she was outside in the yard that her son was correct. That chamber had once been inhabited by a guy. He was the late spouse of the widow. And the youngster claimed exactly that—he even passed away in the room.

8. Mistranslated

There are some things that are beyond words. and what seemed to be even time. An account on Twitter belonging to Alison Skap shared a time-bending story about her family. Her son, who is three years old, started singing an odd nursery rhyme one day without any encouragement. Given that it wasn’t in English, Alison was perplexed as to where her daughter could have found it. Her spouse was immediately informed. The language, he informed Alison, was Polish. His grandma had sung him the very same nursery rhyme in the past.
But she had passed away long before the young boy was born. Toys moving in the middle of the night, a baby meeting his deceased grandfather, and a family tie to a house dating back several generations are among the top five.

7. God’s scent

Have you ever pondered what it would be like to communicate with God? or to get to the opposite side? Those who have fallen into comas are the ones who have been closest.
While Erica Hoskin prayed, her 11-week-old child tragically suffered a brain damage and went into a coma for three days. The infant girl eventually recovered and lived. However, an odd event occurred. She appeared to recall what it was like to be in a coma even after she began to speak as a child. In fact, she used to declare, “It smells like God,” every time it rained.

6. The Youngster Who Foresaw His Mother’s Miscarriage

There have already been many instances where kids appear to reach back in time. However, what about the times ahead? ChelleBelle, a Twitter user, told a chilling tale regarding her son’s visions. Even though he was only five years old, he was certain that his mother was expecting a child again. But that wasn’t all. In more detail, he foresaw that his mother would give birth to twins, of whom one would not live, leaving him with just his sister.
Over time, her son’s prediction came to pass: she became pregnant with twins, lost one due to miscarriage, and ultimately gave birth to a daughter.

5. A Brother Who Was Lost

It doesn’t take much to frighten kids who are left alone in a room at night. It was more than just his fantasy for the boy. Even without being touched, toys would light up and come to life. However, all was insignificant in comparison to the night the child opened his eyes and noticed a towering, enigmatic figure stroking his leg at the foot of his bed. The youngster was so terrified that he couldn’t even tell his parents what had happened until the next day. They refused to believe it and dismissed it as a nightmare.
For years, however, the family found something in the man’s description to be accurate. The boy’s elder sibling had a similar voice. The only issue was that this brother passed away before his birth. What about those toys that had been illuminating? They were his siblings.

4. GG Jo

Colleen Jury received the scare of her life while tending to her grandchildren. One day, with a lot of intensity, they yelled phrases that Colleen hadn’t heard in decades.
They repeatedly cried, “GG Jo!” in an attempt to catch her attention before abruptly stopping. For the most part, these words meant very nothing. Colleen, though, felt a tingling run down her spine. She could still recall her mother’s name being called this. Even though GG Jo had passed away, it felt like they were connecting with their forebears down the years.

3. Unsettling Kay

Isn’t it preferable to have a force for good if you’re going to have a spirit pursuing you? A four-year-old girl confided in her mother that she was interrupted by “Creepy Kay” on a regular basis. Creepy Kay is described as both “nice to nice people” and “mean to mean people.” Fortunately, it didn’t appear that this young child got on its bad side or discovered exactly how cruel Creepy Kay might be.

2. The Similarity to My Dad

A gene or two may miss a generation. Carol Katarsky was pondering that as her infant son gradually developed into a boy. The boy was starting to take on similar interests in addition to having a similar appearance. Still, that’s just the beginning.

This youngster claims that he had multiple encounters with his grandfather “still a spirit” prior to coming into the world.

1. Mama Missy

A familiar neighborhood has a way of making you feel as though you’ve lived there forever. The youngster indicated a house and asked to go inside, calling it the “blue one with the cats,” when a mother named Gail picked her up from kindergarten. Gail didn’t get this. The house was anything but blue.

But after they were home, the situation became more apparent. The spouse of Gail had lived in the region his entire life. He was also aware that his grandma had formerly lived with cats in a blue house. But more than thirty years prior, Grammaw Missy, as everyone called her, had passed away.

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