Top 5 Views on Life’s Purpose

5. Hedonism To hedonists, joy and contentment are more important than suffering and misery. Their main point on the purpose of life is that we should strive to have the most enjoyable and joyful experiences possible. Currently, our time on Earth is limited, and our demise could occur at any moment. Although many have the […]

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Top 10 Good-Spirited Creators Who Were Actually

10 The Brothers Hansen Two things Hans Christian Andersen recorded: tales for children and the frequency with which he masturbated. Fortunately, they did not intersect. “The Little Mermaid” and “The Snow Queen” creator Hans Christian Andersen maintained his innocence throughout his career. Beyond that, he struggled to control his sexual desires. In an effort to […]

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Top 10 Sex Scandals That Shocked the World

10Jeffree Star and Kanye West The year 2021 brought together two of the greatest American pastimes: sex scandals and conspiracies. Social media users who were eager to share their knowledge started spreading rumours that the reason behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s purported divorce was a turbulent romance between the rapper and beauty mogul Jeffree […]

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