Top 5 Views on Life’s Purpose

5. Hedonism To hedonists, joy and contentment are more important than suffering and misery. Their main point on the purpose of life is that we should strive to have the most enjoyable and joyful experiences possible. Currently, our time on Earth is limited, and our demise could occur at any moment. Although many have the […]

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Top 10 The Most Notable Olympic Scandals

10 The Most Terrible Official in Football History Boxing contest between Magomed Abdulhamidov of Azerbaijan and Satoshi Shimizu of Japan, which was fixed for the 2012 London Olympics One referee at the 2012 London Olympics may have shown the gravest, most egregious corruption ever seen. An uncontested bantamweight bout between Magomed Abdulhamidov of Azerbaijan and […]

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Top 10 The Worst Computer Breakdowns Ever

10. Mars Climate Orbiter Launched into Martian orbit on December 11, 1998, the Mars temperature Orbiter was a tiny spacecraft that NASA hoped would research Mars’ atmosphere and offer light on the red planet’s temperature and potential surface changes. The probe appeared to be heading towards Mars without incident during the launch, but the Earth-based […]

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