Top 10 Prominent Ufologists Who Were Actually Fakes

10 Bob Lazar

Why Bob Lazar Is Lying

Bob Lazar, whose real name is Robert Scott Lazar, is a businessman from the United States who asserted in the late 1980s that he was employed to decipher alien technology. Several miles south of the US Air Force facility commonly referred to as “Area 51” is apparently where this supposedly took place at a clandestine site designated “S-4,” a subsidiary installation.

Doubts regarding Lazar’s credibility arose rapidly when his background was investigated. His false claims regarding his background and work experience became apparent quickly. In the end, his character was called into doubt due to his multiple convictions for offenses such as selling illegal substances and membership in a prostitution ring. As time went on, it became abundantly clear that Bob Lazar was a UFO hoaxer, since he could provide no evidence to back up any of his allegations.[1]

9 Tiger Stanley Romanek

Known for his work as a sex offender, con artist, and UFO hoaxer, Stanley Tiger Romanek has a checkered past. The documentary Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story followed him throughout his life. Among his allegations are experiences of abduction, implantation with an extraterrestrial substance, and injuries caused by extraterrestrials. Romanek is one of an increasing number of persons who assert that they have had direct contact with aliens. Still, his deceitfulness was exposed not long after.

Supposedly, Romanek recorded an extraterrestrial peering through his window in 2008. Regarding the legitimacy of the tape, he was put through a lie detector exam, which he failed. He continued by asserting, without providing any proof, that he was unable to pass a lie detector test due to his medical conditions.

A conviction for criminal possession of child pornography came later in Romanek’s life. His sentence of two years in a community prison was handed down on December 14, 2017. For failing to comply with the terms of his initial sentence, he was given a ten-year term of sex offender intense supervised probation on November 30, 2020.[2]

8 Edgar Albert Meier

Billy Meier’s UFO Case | New Nighttime WCUFO Photo Evidence of Hoax

The “Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies” was founded by Eduard Albert Meier, also known as Billy Meier, a UFO religious group. Billy Meier is a supposed “contactee” who, like Romanek, took pictures of UFOs that he claimed to have seen “alien” spacecraft. The “Plejaren” were extraterrestrial creatures with whom Meier asserted he had frequent communication. Even among UFO lovers like himself, Meier has been heavily slammed as a con artist.

According to Meier, he was granted permission by the “Plejaren” to capture images and videos of their spacecraft, or “beamships,” in order to prove that they had visited Earth from another planet. According to Kalliope, his ex-wife, who spoke to interviewers in 1997, he actually made spaceship models out of common household items like carpet tacks, garbage can lids, and other similar items. These were the “beamships” in his photographs. Additionally, she disclosed that he had only ever made up his stories and escapades.

His ex-wife’s confession that Eduard Albert Meier’s photos of two alien women, whom he called “Asket” and “Nera,” actually depicted Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund of the band The Golddiggers, was the most humiliating and devastating blow to Meier’s credibility.the third

7 Edward Walters

Part one of “Strange But True Encounters” (the UFO incident at Gulf Breeze on September 20, 1996)

Several reports of unexplained aerial phenomena in Gulf Breeze, Florida, in late 1987 and early 1988 were allegedly orchestrated by Ed Walters. Ed Walters, a local contractor, was the one who supplied the images that the Gulf Breeze Sentinel newspaper used to start the hoax. The photos were widely regarded to be fake, but there were a small number of UFO enthusiasts who insisted they were real.

When Walters stated that the UFO touched down on Soundside Drive and dropped five extraterrestrials into the road, he was being extremely dramatic. According to him, the extraterrestrials peered into his window. Following their telepathic conversation in Spanish and English, the aliens gave him a book with dog drawings in it. Residents of the residence where Ed Walters would subsequently live asserted that they discovered proof that he had fabricated the entire fallacy.[4]

6 George Adamskie

Mysteries & Monsters (UAP Documentary) presents The Man From Venus: The George Adamski Story.

The Polish-American novelist George Adamski gained immense fame not for his literary works but for his absurd assertions of extraterrestrial space flight to the moon and other celestial bodies. As one of several so-called UFO “contactees” to gain notoriety in the 1950s, Adamski was the pioneer and best known. “Philosopher, teacher, student, and saucer researcher” was Adamski’s self-described lifelong occupation.

Public scrutiny would have shown that George Adamski’s statements were unfounded. The whole team of detectives came to the same conclusion: Adamski was a complete con artist and all of his assertions were a huge fraud. After meeting extraterrestrials from the Nordic countries and accompanying them on their spacecraft, Adamski wrote three books on the experience. During a news conference in March 1965, he made the bold prediction that Washington, D.C. would soon be visited by a vast fleet of flying saucers. His prophesied alien invasion have yet to materialize, and humanity continues to wait.[5]

5 James Gilliland

Complete ECETI Tour

The ECETI Ranch was established by James Gilliland. It was his contention that he had made enlightened touch with ET. Since 2003, James Gilliland has hosted events centered around the possibility of seeing UFOs, taking his movement to the next level. Strange lights and UFOs were a common occurrence on Gilliland’s ranch, which he reported on a regular basis. But it turned out that Gilliland’s assertions were all lies, according to several investigations.[6]

4 David Icke

Part 1 of David Icke’s The Lizard Illuminati Conspiracy

Conspiracy theorist and ex-footballer and sportscaster David Vaughan Icke is from England. More than twenty-five nations have heard his conspiracy beliefs, which he has articulated in more than twenty publications. The Earth has been taken over by an extraterrestrial race of reptiles called the Archons or Anunnaki, according to David Icke.

Icke further asserted that the Babylonian Brotherhood, Illuminati, or “Elite”—a race of reptilian shapeshifters that combines human and Archon genetic material—manipulates events to instill terror in people, allowing the Archons to profit from the ensuing negative energy. A total of 25 nations outlawed David Icke once he expanded his conspiracy beliefs to encompass COVID-19.[7]

3 Walton Travis

Kidnapping of Travis Walton in 1975

Birth year of Travis Walton is 1953. Travis Walton, then 22 years old, was one of seven loggers sent to a contract in 1975 to remove understory trees from the Turkey Springs section of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The disappearance of Travis Walton was reported by logging crew chief Michael H. Rogers on November 5, 1975. Navajo County Deputy Sheriff Kenneth Coplan was taken aback to learn that Travis Walton’s family believed in UFOs, but he and Rogers broke the news to her in a cool and collected manner.

The doctor who treated Travis Walton noted puncture wounds that were characteristic of intravenous drug usage when he returned a few days later. The doctor found puncture wounds that were at least 24 to 48 hours old, and five days after going missing, Walton came back. Walton asserted that a beam of light from a UFO knocked him out cold, and that he regained consciousness in a place reminiscent of a hospital, where three little, bald beings were watching him.

Walton claimed he had no recollection of the event beyond the fact that, five days later, he was on a highway watching a flying saucer take off. It was discovered that Walton was a con artist who used deceit to make a tidy profit. It should be noted that Walton was unable to prove his assertions on live TV with the help of a lie detector. Additionally, at the time Walton invented his own abduction, there were multiple fictional UFO abduction reports.[8]

2 Steven Greer

We Went Alien Hunting With Conspiracy Theorists

Steven Greer is an American ufologist and retired physician who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project. These two organizations seek the disclosure of alleged classified UFO information and also act as a research-based initiative to contact extra-terrestrial civilizations. CSETI uses “Rapid Mobilization Investigative Teams” with the aim of arriving at UFO landing sites as quickly as possible.

What makes it easy for people to detect Steven Greer’s fraud is that he specialized in producing and selling documentaries that made decent profits. Steven Greer uses a competent camera and media production team to produce high-quality videos that are difficult to resist. This is how he spreads his hoaxes. Steven Greer’s documentaries contain interesting ideas, but they are usually buried beneath so many layers of fallacy and deceit.[9]

1 Dr. Jonathan Reed

This Man Made a Horrifying Alien Autopsy Video | Jonathan Reed (EXPLAINED)

Dr. Jonathan Reed is at this spot because his claims were the most bogus. While many ufology hoaxers were content in claiming the existence of aliens to scam people, Reed took it to the extreme by claiming that he had shot and killed an alien for vaporizing his dog with an energy weapon. His story did not end there. He further claimed that the alien came back to life and captured the entire action on camera, but government agents seized all his good videos, leaving him only with a blurry one.

When several people asked for his video “evidence” to be analyzed, he blatantly refused. Eventually, a UFO Watchdog site discovered that the said “Dr. Jonathan Reed” is actually a Seattle, Washington, resident named John Bradley Rutter who has no college degree.[10]

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